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Professional Garage Door Service from the Best in the Industry

Delivering on promises; that's our motto at Federal Way Garage Doors. If we don't do that, then the work we do every day is not up to standard. Federal Way Garage Doors customers expect good service, and they are not disappointed. Our customers expect high quality parts, they expect professional installation, our customers expect Federal Way Garage Doors to help them whenever they need us; and our customers are never disappointed. Home owners, contractors, commercial building owners and even state authorities have relied on Federal Way Garage Doors in the past, and they will continue to rely on us in the future because time and time again, Federal Way Garage Doors has delivered on our promises: to be the best garage door service center in the Federal Way Washington area. There's more than one reason for that, though.

Every customer who calls the Federal Way Garage Doors service center is greeted the same way, with courteous dedication to their problems. We are in business to keep your life in order; when a garage door breaks down, you can call us day or night. The Federal Way Garage Doors friendly staff is on hand to handle basic troubleshooting and assessments over the phone, and the technicians we send to your home are just as professional, mature, and are the best at what they do, we make sure of that.

We at Federal Way Garage Doors are happy to work around your schedule, whenever you need us. If you're like 90% of our customers, you work during the day, which means we can help you at night, or on the weekends, just ask our technicians and customer service representatives for details about scheduling. We understand, however, that sometimes night or weekend appointments just aren't soon enough.

Emergency Service Plans by Federal Way Garage Doors

If you are like some of Federal Way Garage Doors customers and you've had your car stranded in your garage when you needed it that day, not that night, or you've had a loading dock door suddenly malfunction at a high traffic warehouse, you know exactly how important same-day service can be. Federal Way Garage Doors has the most affordable Emergency Service Plans in the Federal Way Washington area, and we love to help our customers when they need us the most:

  • 30 minute response times to anywhere in the Federal Way Washington area.
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Free On-site Inspections
  • Free Safety Inspections
  • Fully stocked repair service truck for your convenience

If you can't wait until even tomorrow to get your door working, we understand your needs, and we enjoy helping, so give us a call today.

Either way our customers need it, in a pinch or in a few days, our technicians never leave a job until the work is signed off and done. Locally insured and licensed, manufacturer certified to work on all types of doors, our technicians are guaranteed to be the best you can work with. That's why we back our work up with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and a 30 Day Parts and Labor Warranty, and a 2 Year Warranty on full installations. Oh, didn't we mention it? If a minor repair isn't what you need, Federal Way Garage Doors has you covered as well. Our employees are experts in installing replacement and all-new garage doors using only the highest quality parts in the industry.

Frayed cables? No problem. Broken drums? Off-track doors? Federal Way Garage Doors can help. Rusted springs, broken garage door opener? There is no repair we can't do. In rare cases, some doors are beyond repair, but we at Federal Way Garage Doors have rarely encountered this. In the instance where our technicians have encountered major repair problems, they have made free estimates to our customers and guaranteed the price for 30 days so you have plenty of time to contemplate the advice and even get a second opinion.

Federal Way Garage Doors is a guaranteed high quality repair and installation specialist, and we take pride in the trust our customers have bestowed up on us. Letting a business come to your home or business is a very big deal, and we know how much trust it takes to let someone into your home, especially when we're there to hopefully make it safer. Federal Way Garage Doors is in business to keep your life and your garage doors rolling, call us today for the most reliable service in the area. Don't hesitate, we're here for you.

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